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There was quite a two act show put on this week for Syracuse Showcase. It happened over in Marshall Hall of SUNY-ESF. Act one was the screening of Dr. Randy Olson’s mockumentary “Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy.” We’ll save our review of the film for a subsequent blog. Act two demonstrated the real story conflict—a discussion between Olson and high profile climate change denier Marc Morano, the former confidant of both Rush Limbaugh and Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe.

This exchange, which you can see below, reminded me of Plato’s tale of the rhetorician (good talker) and the physician who travel to a new town where neither is known. By the end of their visit, the rhetorician has convinced the townspeople that only he can cure them of their ills and that the doctor is a quack.
See what you think.

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