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Researchers from Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF and the Syracuse Center of Excellence are applying imagination and the scientific method to pioneer ways of sustaining life on Earth.

Here is one–a man who sees and hears paths to understanding in the feathers and songs of exotic birds.  Once on the site, click on the WAER button on the right and listen to a profile of Dr. Uy produced and reported by Bruno Battistoli.

Dr. Al Uy and the Origin of NEW Species

Al Uy


Check out what environmental reporters for regional news sites are following.

Environmental Science Reporting


Science Reporting, pg. 2

Center of Excellence/Science Reporting p.3

Science Reporting p.4

Science Reporting p.5

Science Reporting p.6

Science Reporting p.7

Science Reporting p.8

Science Reporting p.9

Science Reporting p.10

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